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Policy Concerns

Public Education

Mr. Hearn strongly supports public education and believes it is the legislature’s responsibility to fully fund education. Many rural school districts struggle to educate their students with inadequate budgets, sometimes dilapidated buildings, and they struggle to hire and retain teachers and administrators. A priority of Mr. Hearn will be to strongly advocate for public education. While it is the right of people obviously to homeschool their children or to send them to private schools, private school options are often not available in rural communities. Public tax money should be with public schools.

Conservation of Public Lands

Mr. Hearn will support the conservation of public lands to benefit rural communities economically and in terms of recreation. He will work on economic development and do as much as he can to help with infrastructure and other rural needs.

Healthcare Services

Mr. Hearn supports healthcare services being accessible to people in rural communities, including mental health care. For those people who meet the eligibility criteria, Mr. Hearn supports Medicaid expansion to help pay for medical and mental health services. Mr. Hearn also supports efforts to improve the quality of rural hospitals and to support policies to retain physicians in Idaho.

Freedom from Government Interference

Mr. Hearn also supports the desire of many people in rural communities to be free to live their lives without government interference. As stated above he also believes that state and local government should do all it can to provide services to the local communities while maintaining local control over their implementation.

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